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Photo Courtesy: Patek Philippe / JD Meyers

Jeff Aquino

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The "Patek Philippe" of Philippine Real Estate

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.

Patek Philippe Official Slogan

There is only one developer that dominates the luxury real estate market in the Philippines and that is Ayala Land Premier(ALP). From the Patek Philippe slogan itself and Ayala Land Premier’s “For Keeps”, both deliver the same message. It’s not just the slogan that links these two brands together but there are several factors in how and why Ayala Land Premier is the “Patek Philippe” of Philippine real estate.


Ayala Land Premier caters to the foremost individuals who do not just buy properties but are also in it for the community and lifestyle. ALP’s clientele have lived successful lives. Business tycoons, celebrities and even heads of state mostly comprise the ALP community. Every project is situated on the most premium addresses in the most sustainable and carefully masterplanned estates. Forbes Park, Ayala Alabang, Ayala Hillside, Roxas Triangle Towers, One Serendra and Park Central Towers, to name a few, are testaments of exclusivity. They say that if you own an Ayala Land Premier, you’ve made it.


Patek Philippe produces the least watches compared to other high tier watch makers in the past recent years. Coincidently, Ayala Land Premier offers limited supply of luxury residences and offices and that is why most projects gets sold out immediately. To give you an example, ALP’s The Suites in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig was sold out in one weekend. The Parklinks North and South Tower is the only true luxury condominium in Quezon City and Pasig area.


Whether it’s a watch or a property, rarity comes with high value for appreciation. That is the law of supply and demand. Each premier project is strategically located and with private and public infrastructures that are readily accessible. They are considered as the most sound real estate investment in the local market. Here are ALP properties’ value appreciation over the years.

  • Park Central Towers in Makati was launched on 2016 at P 300,000 per square meter. As of September 2019 it has increased by 47% at an average price of P 440,000 per square meter.
  • Ayala Westgrove Heights was launched on 1998 at P 6,500 per square meter. As of September 2019 it has increased by 377% at an average price of P 31,000 per square meter.
  • One Serendra in Taguig was launched on 2006 at P 89,000 per square meter. As of September 2019 it has increased by 231% at an average price of P 295,000 per square meter.
  • Parklinks North Tower in Quezon City was launched on 2018 at P 245,000 per square meter. As of September 2019 it has increased by 14% at an average price of P 280,000 per square meter.
  • Arbor Lanes in Arca South was launched on 2014 at P 140,000 per square meter. As of September 2019 it has increased by 88% at an average price of P 260,000 per square meter.


It takes Patek Philippe six to eight years to create one single watch. They carefully select their watch makers which in turn creates unique and one of a kind timepieces. Patek Philippe watches are made one by one by select watchmakers. Now imagine a building or even a village. Ayala Land Premiers ensures that the utmost attention is given to every minute detail from its unique urban landscape, to a project’s exterior facade and to its beautifully crafted interior designs. With partnerships with both local and international design firms such Leandro V. Locsin Partner(Manila), HB Designs(Singapore/Bangkok), WATG(USA), Hongkong Land(HK) and many more, it is absolutely no wonder why each project is truly special.

Ayala Land Premier Villages Standard Features:
– Underground Conduit System (Electric, Water, Telephone)
– Wide asphalted roads
– Pedestrian friendly road styles
– 50% Open Spaces
– Low lot density (8-10 lots per hectare)

Ayala Land Premier Condominium Standard Features:
– Low floor density at an average of 4-12 units per floor
– Homogenous tiles or natural stone for floors and countertops
– Engineered wood flooring
– Modular Architecture
– 100% backup power including residential units
– European grade bathroom and sink features
– Italian made stove/oven


Every Ayala Land Premier ownership is a strong reminder of how every person deserves a high quality of life. It is a home built from blood, sweat and tears. It is an heirloom that stands the test of time. It is passed on from generations to generations as it creates ancestral homes with distinct addresses. The truth is, luxury is not about the price tag, it is about lasting forever. Ayala Land Premier makes sure that it holds true to its promise that is indeed, for keeps.



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